Can I do this?: Superman returns, to the big screen at least
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Sunday, June 11, 2006
Superman returns, to the big screen at least

Raise your hands if you are excited about this movie!

In about two weeks, we will be able to see one of the most anticipated movies of this year, and a new Superman in the persona of newcomer Brandon Routh, who really really looks like a young Christopher Reeve. With Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane and Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor, and under the helm of first two X-Men movies director Bryan Singer, this movie is bound to be a classic. See the trailer on YouTube to see it for yourself, I especially love the part where he was shot in the eye!

Once again, however, the Philippine local television industry is at its new low with the airing of Captain Barbell, which is without a doubt and without question a copycat of Smallville. I mean, seriously! If you’ve watched Smallville, you’ll know. The plot, the scenes, the characters are copied but of bad bad bad quality. Shame on you people, you’ve just stained on a classic Filipino comic book character. And the worst part is, people actually watch it! What about you, have you seen the similarities?

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